Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prevent Deer Car Collisions

Deer are Moving This Time in The Fall

In the country one of the common hazards in the early fall are deer moving across the road at night or early morning. This is worse at dusk and dawn. Of course this is when people are traveling to and from work.

Use high beams when you can. Sometimes the only warning of an animal is the flash of their eyes before they cross the road. The better the headlights you use the further you can see and that extra second of stopping time may be enough to avoid a collision.

Slow down a bit in wooded areas or areas where you have seen deer crossing before. Again that extra second may count. Another thing to note deer often travel in odd numbers and usually more than one. So If you see one deer cross the road ahead of you be prepared for at least two others to follow it.

It is also time to think of switching to winter tires all around. This one step can make your winter driving much easier and "enjoyable" Mandatory in Quebec which even I think is a good idea.