Friday, January 28, 2011

Things to See and Do in Toronto Ontario Canada

Toronto is a Vibrant Multi-Cultural City
A population of nearly 3 million, it is Ontario’s Capital is among the most thriving and culturally diverse cities on the planet. Visiting Toronto is much like traversing the planet in a day - without need of a passport. (Unless of course your Toronto Travel is as a foreign visitor).

Be it taking in the colorful sights of China town, savoring the “Taste of Danforth”, especially during festival time or inhaling the aromatic ambiance of Kensington Market, Toronto`s cultural mosaic has everything.

Toronto Attractions:
Found in the heart of downtown Toronto, very near Harbor Front, the iconic CN tower reaches an enormous height of just one,815 ft (553.33m), offering the most spectacular view in city.

If you are riding the tower`s glass elevator, exploring among the four separate look out points, or venturing to walk about the 1,122 square ft glass floor close to the top, you'll be sure to find an exceedingly breathtaking vista from the city scape.

Explore the exotic at the Royal Ontario Museum whose assortment of artifacts tops Six million. Noted for its spectacular assortment of dinosaurs, fossils and diverse world art, the ROM will definitely intrigue visitors spanning various ages.

This spring (2011), why don't you discover all the Ontario Science Centre provides, such as the stunning exhibit of Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters, or its ever present selection of comprehensive and fun educational displays.

Enchant your way into Casa Loma, a storybook castle built in 1911, where secret passages and turrets await...or swing about the wild with a trip to the Toronto Zoo. Both, which, will certainly become cherished memories.

While downtown, don`t forget to indulge your senses at The Art Gallery of Ontario. Noted for its Henry Moore sculptures and the expansive Thomson collection, the AGO is also featuring the Maharaja Exhibition where visitors can immerse themselves within the opulence of India`s Royal Courts.

Cultural Events:
Toronto can also be renowned because of its world-class theaters and festivals. With an array of shows which range from grand spectacles to intimate dramas, Toronto`s spring theater scene is like none other.

If grand musicals are your passion, why not treat yourself to a performance of Disney`s The Lion King at the stunning Princess of Wales Theater. The breathtaking costumes and innovative staging alone are worth price of admission.

Dance your way into the Cannon Theater`s electrifying musical presentation of Billy Elliot. Or a more comical experience, try out the wild tale of middle aged sisters, in the manufacture of
More Fine Girls at the cozy Tarragon Theater.

Canada`s largest city can also be home to numerous festivals, making nearly every day a celebration! Immerse yourself within the pageantry of Caribana, North America`s largest Carribean street festival.

Bask in the glow from the stars in the acclaimed Toronto International Film Festival or delight the sounds of the Beaches International Jazz Festival.

By having an ongoing whirlwind of festivals and events, the varied things you can do during Toronto are endless.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winterlude in Ottawa 2011 - Celebrate Winter in Canada's Capital

Ottawa's Winterlude Events:

No matter what you plan on doing this winter, make sure that Winterlude in Ottawa is a stop on your destination list. The spectacular outdoor festival draws over 650,000 people from all over the world annually.

This year's winter extravaganza runs every weekend from February 4th - 21st and is open on Family Day. The celebrations take place in venues all over the city including: The Rideau Canal Skateway, Confederation Park, Jacques-Cartier Park, The Museum of Civilization, and Ottawa City Hall.

The exciting three week spectacle has many activities and attractions that appeal to all ages, most being free of charge. Whether it is viewing the fireworks, skating on the Rideau Canal, watching the enormous ice sculptures taking shape, or keeping warm in the ice cafe, Winterlude in Ottawa has it all.

If you're still looking for more, you will also find free concerts, a hilarious bed race, horse drawn sleigh rides, the Norway/Keskinada giant Ski Event, Byward Market Mardi Gras, a massive snow playground and so much more!

Stretching a whopping 7.8 km the Rideau Canal is the world's largest skating rink. This skater's paradise is open 7 days a week and is well maintained by the National Capital Commission. You can call (613) 239-5234 at any time for the latest updates on ice conditions.

Forgot your skates? No problem, there are different 3 places to rent a pair right on site. As well as 12 stair and ramp access points, there are many canal side stops to rest, and stay warm.

While you're working up an appetite on the canal why not treat yourself to one of Ottawa's famous beaver tails, a delicious pastry topped with sweet treats like chocolate or icing sugar - in the shape of a beaver tail!

While you are enjoying your Rideau Canal skating experience, you will pass by many spectacular and breathtaking views. With picturesque parliament buildings in the background coupled with many scenic stretches, you will also see the odd teddy bear or winter character skating by.

Taking your family skating on the Rideau Canal is equally as enchanting as any theme park vacation. Ottawa`s winter festivities will create fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Ottawa Accommodations:

When choosing where to stay while visiting Canada's capital, you will find that there is a whole host of large and trusted hotel chains that are located downtown, within walking distance of many Winterlude events.

The Albert at Bay Hotel is renowned for its customer service and satisfaction. The economically priced large suites come equipped with a Kitchenette that has a microwave, fridge, coffee maker, stove and dishwasher. This is perfect choice for families on a budget.

The Best Western Victoria Park Suites Hotel is part of a chain you know and trust, that has the added bonus of newly renovated suites. Their special value packages like arts and culture, or dinner and a movie, guarantee a great stay; even if you are not enjoying Winterlude`s outdoor festivities.

The Holiday Inn & Suites is located mere steps away from the Rideau Canal and many other of Ottawa's most famous landmarks. This reliable hotel has included luxuries like: heated bathroom floors, individual room climate control, a large fitness complex and complimentary wireless Internet service. You don't have to sacrifice comfort and quality for price with this hotel package.

Other Ottawa Festivals and Attractions:

If you are planning to visit Ottawa after the snow flies you may be able to take in Canada's celebration of spring, The Ottawa Tulip festival running from May 6 - 23 or stop by The National Gallery of Canada and add some culture to your visit.

While you're in Ottawa don't miss Mosaika, the sound and light show set against the spectacular back drop of Parliament Hill, presented nightly from July 6 - September 11. Whenever you choose to visit Canada's Capital you are sure to find something to please everyone.

Ottawa, Canada's national capitol holds many attractions all year long. It is a cultural hot spot in Canada offering theater, museums, art galleries and world class accommodation and fine dining. To learn what you have been missing in attractions visit Ottawa Winterlude Festival

Ontario itself offers many diverse attractions year round. Spectacular scenery and outdoor experiences to the incredible pulse of the major cities. Toronto and Ottawa are the major hubs but smaller cities such as London and Niagara Falls have their attractions. To plan your vacation or just to discover hidden gems to visit, see Ontario Travel Information and Deals.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prevent Deer Car Collisions

Deer are Moving This Time in The Fall

In the country one of the common hazards in the early fall are deer moving across the road at night or early morning. This is worse at dusk and dawn. Of course this is when people are traveling to and from work.

Use high beams when you can. Sometimes the only warning of an animal is the flash of their eyes before they cross the road. The better the headlights you use the further you can see and that extra second of stopping time may be enough to avoid a collision.

Slow down a bit in wooded areas or areas where you have seen deer crossing before. Again that extra second may count. Another thing to note deer often travel in odd numbers and usually more than one. So If you see one deer cross the road ahead of you be prepared for at least two others to follow it.

It is also time to think of switching to winter tires all around. This one step can make your winter driving much easier and "enjoyable" Mandatory in Quebec which even I think is a good idea.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Traveling In Ontario and The Luggage I Use

Traveling in Ontario Can Have its Rugged Aspects

It can also be refined when staying in the larger cities. We all know that when we travel we have to cart along our preference of luggage. Depending on our stay this might just be an overnight bag, or several suitcases if we are traveling for longer period of time.

My favourite piece of luggage is still my tried and true backpack. Best suited for scuffing around in the bush. With its many pockets I can store all the little items I need. Recently I am becoming a fan of Travel Duffel Bags for shorter stays. I would consider using the duffel bag when I am only carrying my bag a short distance such as into a hotel etc. It holds almost as much as my back pack and doesn't have tons of straps to get caught in things.

If you decide to travel in Ontario chose your luggage to fit your trip and it will make things easier for you.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cooper Weather Master Snow Tires Review

Cooper Weather Master Tires vs Good Year Nordic

Living in Canada Winter tires are a necessity. Do not try to use all seasons in winter. Spend a few bucks and be safer.

A while back we switched cars. The new car had different size rims on it from the old car so we couldn't use the old snow tires. The old snow tires were Cooper Weather Master winter tires. These tires were completly amazing. Four tres all around and they just stuck to snow and ice. I was incredibly impressed.

These snow tires turned winter driving into much less of a concern. You still have to be careful but traction was never really an issue.

Well the new car comes on the seen and winter shows up so we go to our tire dealer. He suggests that we put on Good Year Nordic. He said they were good snow tires. So we bought them. First off they are good snow tires but they are not great. The Cooper's had much more traction and stick to the road much better.

The Good Year wear well but just are not as good for stickking to the road in all weather as the Cooper Weather Master tires.

My recommendation from personal experience is to buy the Weather Master tires. They are economical and work much better for winter driving.

If you are looking for best pricing click on Car Stereos

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fuel Prices

Ontario in the past few weeks has been hit with two un related events that have caused a signficant effect on our lives. See Ontario Travel The strike by the rail workers and the refinery fire have created an artificial scarcity of fuel. Things are not in dire straights but it should act as a wake up call for many people.

Our culture and a huge portion of our economy in Canada are based upon transportation of goods. We are hugely dependant on fuel both diesel and gasoline. If our supply chains are disrupted the very least for many people is an inconvenience for others it can be harsh. With the combination of the strike and the fuel shortage many workers have be temporarily laid off because the raw components of the manufacturing industry have not been able to get to the factories. Food distibution becomes an issue. People start stocking up on various products and shortages develop.

I was at the gas station the other night and they were all out of regular gas and were nearly out of premium. The cashier wasn't sure when their next delivery would come in. A minor inconvenience but the price of gas had increased as well. Supply and demand. My point is that we take the solidity of our supply lines for granted. This example is minor and looks like it will be solved in a few days. Something larger could create a nation wide problem that lasts far longer and has a much more resounding impact.

Some simple precautions are a good idea for anyone who depends on transportation networks for their survival. Simple things like having a full can of gasoline on hand (remember to cycle it through the vehicle and refill once in a while) , buy a little extra canned food every grocery shopping. The government recommends having 72 hours worth of supplies on hand. Not a bad idea. Better to have 14 days worth of food. Canned goods, dry goods, rice and dried peas etc. The government's suggestion is based on a electrical outage for 72 hours. I am refering more to a fuel shortage.

Most people can grasp the idea that some shortages can occur, but it is another step to realize that shortages will mean not only do prices increase but there may not be any fuel or food available for some time. Our parents generation had experience with shortages during the war and the Great Depression. We have only heard some of their sories and have little first hand experience. I don't wish to be alarmist but I do think it is a good idea to stock up a bit (food, water, fuel) when we can. has links to various related topics.