Friday, January 28, 2011

Things to See and Do in Toronto Ontario Canada

Toronto is a Vibrant Multi-Cultural City
A population of nearly 3 million, it is Ontario’s Capital is among the most thriving and culturally diverse cities on the planet. Visiting Toronto is much like traversing the planet in a day - without need of a passport. (Unless of course your Toronto Travel is as a foreign visitor).

Be it taking in the colorful sights of China town, savoring the “Taste of Danforth”, especially during festival time or inhaling the aromatic ambiance of Kensington Market, Toronto`s cultural mosaic has everything.

Toronto Attractions:
Found in the heart of downtown Toronto, very near Harbor Front, the iconic CN tower reaches an enormous height of just one,815 ft (553.33m), offering the most spectacular view in city.

If you are riding the tower`s glass elevator, exploring among the four separate look out points, or venturing to walk about the 1,122 square ft glass floor close to the top, you'll be sure to find an exceedingly breathtaking vista from the city scape.

Explore the exotic at the Royal Ontario Museum whose assortment of artifacts tops Six million. Noted for its spectacular assortment of dinosaurs, fossils and diverse world art, the ROM will definitely intrigue visitors spanning various ages.

This spring (2011), why don't you discover all the Ontario Science Centre provides, such as the stunning exhibit of Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters, or its ever present selection of comprehensive and fun educational displays.

Enchant your way into Casa Loma, a storybook castle built in 1911, where secret passages and turrets await...or swing about the wild with a trip to the Toronto Zoo. Both, which, will certainly become cherished memories.

While downtown, don`t forget to indulge your senses at The Art Gallery of Ontario. Noted for its Henry Moore sculptures and the expansive Thomson collection, the AGO is also featuring the Maharaja Exhibition where visitors can immerse themselves within the opulence of India`s Royal Courts.

Cultural Events:
Toronto can also be renowned because of its world-class theaters and festivals. With an array of shows which range from grand spectacles to intimate dramas, Toronto`s spring theater scene is like none other.

If grand musicals are your passion, why not treat yourself to a performance of Disney`s The Lion King at the stunning Princess of Wales Theater. The breathtaking costumes and innovative staging alone are worth price of admission.

Dance your way into the Cannon Theater`s electrifying musical presentation of Billy Elliot. Or a more comical experience, try out the wild tale of middle aged sisters, in the manufacture of
More Fine Girls at the cozy Tarragon Theater.

Canada`s largest city can also be home to numerous festivals, making nearly every day a celebration! Immerse yourself within the pageantry of Caribana, North America`s largest Carribean street festival.

Bask in the glow from the stars in the acclaimed Toronto International Film Festival or delight the sounds of the Beaches International Jazz Festival.

By having an ongoing whirlwind of festivals and events, the varied things you can do during Toronto are endless.