Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cooper Weather Master Snow Tires Review

Cooper Weather Master Tires vs Good Year Nordic

Living in Canada Winter tires are a necessity. Do not try to use all seasons in winter. Spend a few bucks and be safer.

A while back we switched cars. The new car had different size rims on it from the old car so we couldn't use the old snow tires. The old snow tires were Cooper Weather Master winter tires. These tires were completly amazing. Four tres all around and they just stuck to snow and ice. I was incredibly impressed.

These snow tires turned winter driving into much less of a concern. You still have to be careful but traction was never really an issue.

Well the new car comes on the seen and winter shows up so we go to our tire dealer. He suggests that we put on Good Year Nordic. He said they were good snow tires. So we bought them. First off they are good snow tires but they are not great. The Cooper's had much more traction and stick to the road much better.

The Good Year wear well but just are not as good for stickking to the road in all weather as the Cooper Weather Master tires.

My recommendation from personal experience is to buy the Weather Master tires. They are economical and work much better for winter driving.

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