Monday, March 30, 2009

Traveling In Ontario and The Luggage I Use

Traveling in Ontario Can Have its Rugged Aspects

It can also be refined when staying in the larger cities. We all know that when we travel we have to cart along our preference of luggage. Depending on our stay this might just be an overnight bag, or several suitcases if we are traveling for longer period of time.

My favourite piece of luggage is still my tried and true backpack. Best suited for scuffing around in the bush. With its many pockets I can store all the little items I need. Recently I am becoming a fan of Travel Duffel Bags for shorter stays. I would consider using the duffel bag when I am only carrying my bag a short distance such as into a hotel etc. It holds almost as much as my back pack and doesn't have tons of straps to get caught in things.

If you decide to travel in Ontario chose your luggage to fit your trip and it will make things easier for you.